You & What Army

by Riot Nurse

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Today I turned on my radio there wasn't nothing on the air there was nothing but silence man there was nothing there, I turned on my television turned the channel to MTV there was not a single song just a show about some stupid teens. The day the music died. My band played a show tonight but there was no one there does my music exist if it falls upon deaf ears, whats the point of having eyes if everybody is going blind what's the point of having a soul the day after the music died. The day the music died.
IDK 03:43
Am I a vampire or am I a leach. Either way I'm a parasite, leaching off the ones that love me. I don't know where I am going I don't know where I'm coming from, I don't know where the tides taking me, I don't know where I belong. Am I a pion or am I the chosen one, will I deliver my people or will I snuff out the sun. I don't know where I am going, I don't know where I'm coming from, I don't know where the tides taking me, I don't know where I belong.
Binging 03:46
I've been drinking since this morning trying to forget about you but that is my weakness and there's nothing I can do. Ain't no reason to stop this binge I've been dying slowly and there's no need to slow down, my one regret is saying yes even though I knew that you'd been around. I've been driving since this morning think I'll ditch this shit hole town when I told her I was leaving she told me she'd been sleeping around.
Down 04:54
Sitting up in your high place above us peons on the ground you never had nothing good to say your always bringing more trouble around we're out working for a living while your lounging around and leaching off us like a parasite but now it's time to cut you out and bring you down down to the ground we'll bring you down down to the ground talking down to us using and abusing us like we're lesser men but in truth we are more than you have ever been Mr Supremist Mr Elitest we are under you and now that we have banned together their ain't nothing we can't do we'll bring you down...coming at us like we owe you something but we don't owe you shit we gave you everything we had but you never appreciated it now we're rising up we're gonna cut you out make that pillar that your standing on come crashing down this is a coup de ta king nothing we're here to strip you of your crown and bring you down....
Free Beer 04:22
Well I drink a lot of whiskey I drink a lot of rum I'm here to party with my friends and have a lot of fun girls are in the corner giving us the eye I can already tell it's gonna be one hell of a night, go to the bar lay down a bill put my lips to the glass and drink till I've had my fill give me a beer get it to me quick cuz i'm a life taking, heart breaking, earth quaking son of a bitch, free beer, that's why I'm here...Well I've been working all day and busting my ass now it's time to relax with an ice cold glass I gotta work tomorrow but before I do I'm gonna get drunk and have a party with you
It's Time 03:23
I gave you everything I shared with you my soul and now it's time for you it's time for you to go It's time that we are through It's time we put it in the past It's time for something new It's time It's time at last. I gave you everything I shared with you my all and now it's time for you it's time for you to fall
When I look at you I can't help but see a fool you idolize everything I despise you set yourself on fire. Let's extinquish that fire and turn it to ash put everything you've worked for in the past don't you know you should never play with a match now the fire is out and the smoke is all gone i've scattered you ashes and i'm moving on lock up that pyromaniac where he belongs...Your dreams have gone all up in smoke and your the butt of your own joke you set yourself on fire
Well your so called success does not impress me I detest myself for ever letting you depress me I once was your puppet but I tore myself free away from everything you've ever wanted me to be so you can wipe that shit eating grin off your face because i've had enough of you and I'm outta this place you called me a brother like I'm family but now I've transformed into and enemy...every dog has it's day, so you can wipe that shit eating grin off your face if you don't i'll be sure to put you in your place and wipe that shit eating grin off your face...well you helped me out with one thing I'll give you that now I can identify a psychopath your living this delusion that you call a dream and your mouth is a full time bullshit factory well I once was weak but now I am strong and you were leading me off a cliff all along you beat me like a dog until i obeyed but this dog is off it's leash and it's eyes are on new pray
The Mark 04:03
The pigs are sitting on their pillars hungry for something new they want more for themselves and less for everybody else and they'll take it by brainwashing you. In the bible the mark was 666 bow to the beast and all his trick or die by the sword and join the dead, pledge your allegiance or loose your head, the fat cats at the top want all they can get, mass control through mass hypnosis, in the final days it's coming to this, choose your enslavement or choose your death, what are you gonna do when they try to put their mark on you, will you stand and fight or will you take it like a fool, what are you gonna do when they try to put their mark on you, to rule the work with mass control enslave you to your doom...The order has been given the implanting has begun if you refuse to be fitted you'll be sucking down the barrel of a gun
You keep trying to change who I am because I don't fit your master plan I may be a child of the damned but I still refuse to take your hand, you keep preaching how your gonna change me well you and what you and what you and what army all your preaching is driving me crazy you and what you and what you and what keep trying to reach into my mind you try to dominate me all the time you keep trying to lead me like I'm blind but I've had enough of your kind


released October 28, 2012


all rights reserved



Riot Nurse Wichita, Kansas

Formed in Wichita, Kansas, Riot Nurse is the combination of three diverse musical backgrounds that destroys all takers. Riot Nurse is about music without discrimination, incorporating many styles into their sound and bringing an unmatched intensity to their live shows. With their first album complete, their march toward musical domination will continue in 2014 with a new album. ... more

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